“I now have the wonderful smile I wish I’d had for the last fifty years! This is a warm, friendly office that is very eager to please its clients and goes out of its way to satisfy.”

~ Bob G.


“Two years ago at age sixty-nine, I decided that I wanted to have my teeth straightened.  When I told this to a friend, his response was: “Oh, you want to die with a ‘good smile!’ Well, not exactly.
“Here is my real motivation.
“I had undergone extensive orthodontic manipulation as a kid but it never got me straight teeth, a good occlusion, or a great smile. Having read about Invisalign, I asked many dental professionals who to see for a consult. The answer from most of them was Dr. Adam Brand.
“I did indeed see him and in less than two years of painless and wonderful treatment, now have achieved a great alignment, occlusion, and that very good smile. The care I received and the kindness and professionalism of Dr. Brand and his wonderful staff was world class.
“I was highly motivated to follow all their instructions and it was great to see my monthly progress and wonderful final result.
“As a physician I know ‘great care.’ These folks set the standard and if you seek the best and most professional care, they are the real deal.”

~ Paul S. M.D.


“My daughter has a beautiful smile now, especially with her teeth lined up so nicely. Thanks to Dr. Brand and his wonderful team, we are seeing amazing transformation.... My daughter’s smile is confident and radiant. Kudos to a superb team of skilled and attentive professionals!”

~ Dorie D.


“I have had the best most amazing experience in this office. These individuals are caring, considerate, amazing, and you really feel like family when you come here. I have never looked forward to going to any type of dental appointment but I actually look forward to coming here and seeing everyone. Not only are they incredible on a personal level, they are more than experts in this field. I went to so many places and chose them because I felt most comfortable and knew they would take great care of me to the point that my husband has become a patient.
“Dr. Brand and his staff are the epitome of professional. I feel lucky to be treated here, I honestly cannot articulate how exceptional this practice truly is. My teeth, I have so much more confidence, they did amazing work and were always available whenever something arose.
“I think that if you are having work done, you should see Dr. Brand, because you will be in the best most capable hands and they are fun!! I am so happy and grateful to have found them and have them as my orthodontic staff!”

~ Vanessa S.

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